Exceptional print that doesn’t cost the earth.

We are both lucky and proud to live and work on the edge of the Lake District National Park. Not only is it home, and where we make our living, it’s also where we like to spend our free time.

Call us selfish if you like, but we make no bones about being protective of the environment. We take every opportunity to minimise our own impact on the surrounding environment, whilst also raising awareness of, and educating on, sound environmental print practices.

Absolute have held BSI ISO14001 Environmental Management certification for over 8 years and continue to operate within the system’s 2004 standard guidelines to actively reduce our environmental impact.

We use only sustainably managed paper products on our presses which can be traced back through the supply chain to its managed and sustainable source. This means that these materials have not been harvested illegally, in violation of traditional or civil rights, or in a way that threatens high conservation value (HCV) areas.

Our B2 printing press uses 40% less power than equivalent sized printing presses which means significant power savings, something which is good for us and good for everyone.

Not only does our B2 litho press use less power than the majority of other printing presses, it is also manufactured under ISO14001 and utilises an alcohol-free system.

What’s the big deal with alcohol? Alcohol-free printing eliminates the use of dampening-related Isopropyl Alcohols which create volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during the printing process. VOCs have been linked to the deterioration of the earth’s ozone layer and, consequently, to global warming.

We also use chemistry free process-less printing plates, so no nasty chemicals in there either!


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