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Colour managed, stochastic screened offset print. Not just  good, we’d say it’s exceptional.

A brave claim perhaps, but there are genuine, sound reasons we can assure our clients of consistent, controlled and repeatable results.

Can your current printer claim the same?

Contract Proofing.
FOGRA certified contract proofing on both coated and uncoated proofing media means the colour on the proof you approve is the printed colour you receive. At the time of certification, Absolute were one of only seven businesses in the UK to have attained this standard.

Contract proofing is exactly what you’d expect: the proofs we produce for our customers to sign-off are as close to the finished article as possible, ensuring that when you receive the print it will be the same as the proof you approved.

Colour Management.
Operating and managing a FOGRA certified colour standard requires consistent and maintained control of both printing equipment and media profiling. All print files are managed through our GMG Colour Server and the use of spectrophotometry ensures consistent and repeatable results.

Dot Gain.
Dot Gain is the spread of ink around the printing dot due to absorption into the printed sheet. Poorly controlled dot gain can cause an unexpected darker or heavier and less detailed look to the printed result.

Absolute have paid meticulous attention to the calibration of dot gain for both coated and uncoated stocks ensuring an optimised result every time.

An industry standard 200 line screen means that 200 formulated printing dots of each colour per inch are printed on the sheet to make up the printed image.

Using a greater amount of smaller printing dots will produce a finer and more detailed printed reproduction.

Absolute employ a Stochastic screening technology that utilises randomly formed ultra fine micro dots to produce the finest detailed print with almost photographic results.

Go Large.
Our B2 press uses latest technologies allowing us to ‘make ready’ in a matter of minutes with only around 30 sheets, a process that would take older more traditional printing presses nearly 40 minutes and nearer 300 sheets.

These levels of automation mean we are advantaged and cost effective at both short run fast turn around B2 work we have built our reputation on but also longer run length work too.

But please don’t take our word for it… give us a try!

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